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Thierry Monteil

Thierry Monteil is assistant professor in computer science since 1998 at INSA Toulouse and researcher at LAAS-CNRS. He received the Engineering degrees in Computer Science and applied mathematics from ENSEEIHT in 1992. He had a Doctorate in parallel computing in 1996 and a HDR degree in 2010. He works on parallel computing middleware (LANDA parallel environment), Grid resources management (AROMA project), computer and network modeling, load balancing with prediction models, autonomous policies to improve performance on distributed applications, parallelization of large electromagnetic simulation and autonomic middleware, and machine-to-machine architecture. He has managed a SUN microsystems center of excellence in the field of grid and cluster for network applications and a Cisco academy. Since 2011, he coordinates the industrial SOP project funded by ANR that creates hybrid cloud for personal service over ADSL network under energy and quality of service constraints. He is member of ETSI (European Telecommunication Standards Institute) and the contact for CNRS. He also represents CNRS in the eclipse foundation and co-leads the OM2M open source project.He is author of more than 50 regular and invited papers in conferences and journals.